Board exam fear; let's finish it...

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Month of January; a common family friend asked how much marks you going to achieve in Class XII baord, this happened all of a sudden when I was coming downstairs after play, I answered with a silence, and next question came, will you get first class or not?
I was willing to say, I am not a duffer like you, I can't imagine too much, heck how do I know if pen will leak during exam and I will finish up with a messy answersheet.
Another case, I was playing tennis with my niece couple of years back, and encouraging her. When time up we bid good bye and promised to meet next day. Suddenly a voice came from behind, saying, let's see how good she will do in studies. And this God sent aunt was a neighbor.
Those voices make us think so many questions, unwanted questions, and we perform below our standards.
Exam stress is common and unavoidable; sometime its caused due to peripheral news; sometime overthinking. And when you talk to someone about exams you get more stressed because you get involved too much in lsitenign stories, often false and food for gossip.
To avoid exam stress best thing to do is, do not take it as any special event. If you avoid stress you will perform better, you will deliver equivalent to what you have learnt over the years. However, if you do think too much you will kill your performance.
At times your exam stress could be due to many other reasons which only you know. Ironically you must need to tell those things to someone, may be a dearest person close to you or a professional counselor. Both of these will help you in fighting exam fear.
As you know this website is largest source of education information. We want our students to be better learners not better grade makers.
Grades have own place, you need those high percentage for admission to next level or to get a job. Better percentage makes to attractive CV. But often its you who downgrade your marks simply by worrying about nonsense.
If you are someone worried about board exams we would like to listen you; we would love to support you. Send your queries to us through Discussion Board: