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Our team of IB tutors and IB online tutors are at your beck and call available at any time. We know each of our online tutors personally on account of having rigorously vetted them and are able to create perfect matches between you and the kind of tutor you want to accelerate your academic goals. Our IB online tutors in the first few months focus on covering the content of your course and then using assessment questions and past year papers to reinforce your knowledge. Most students also lack proper exam techniques, so we make it a point to bridge that gap as well by telling them what they need to include in their responses in order to score 7. Due to the experience and expertise of our online teachers and our exemplary IB tutoring practices, our organization has maintained a consistent average score of 6 across all subject fields. This is an accomplishment that we owe to our teachers who don’t shy away from collaborating to share study techniques that help their students ace IB examinations.
IB Online Tutors

To help students get success in school and college life, our online IB tutoring program will help you choose SL and HL subjects by decoding what you are passionate about through a set of diagnostic tests. It was an ancient myth that having interests in multiple subjects was nonsense, but time has changed our tutoring academy understands and encourages students to select multiple subjects which allows them to increase their options for what excites them to study. Our IB tutoring program has helped a lot of students get entry into their dream universities. We are proud that our IB students have excelled in their careers and have become valuable business leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs, educators, medical professionals, and policymakers.