How to deal with a tricky teacher

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From experiences I know there is always one teacher who do not like you. None at all. What to do if caught in one such circumstances. Changing school is very easy option but before you change I bet it in the next best school you will be greeted by next teacher who won't like you. So question is how to deal with the situation
1. Be obedient. Stay stupid. Always say, yes; be polite. Never show you are unhappy. Even if you are not at fault then too say a polite Sorry. You are in school for study not for justification.
2. Avoid corridors: Your tricky teacher must have some sweet spots in the school, say a corner of school library with most journals. Avoid time collapse and when face to face must wish. Exted a polite Good Morning. Perhaps you won't get answer, but keep wishing always.
3. Ask questions. If you have a question related to subject, ask. Be ready to cope anger. If teacher is furstated say sorry and say please help me.
4. Be Thankful. My Professor told, you are spoon fed. I said Sorry Sir, can you help me please; pat came the reply, even God can't help, I again said sorry extremly politely and he said 'huh', wait; my answer was, Thank You Sir.
From inside I got hearty laugh because I know he can't find the answer in books as he never read. Period.
5. Don't be a complaint box. If problem is geniune and it will affect you or your career talk to your Head or Principal or someone else responsible. DO NOT WRITE COMPLAINT. Instead politely ask for favor. They already know you don't need any favor. If your track record is good help is always there.
6. Be ready to fail. My lab performance was always better than any professor in the subject matter. I was awarded Grade B. I asked, Sir what is this I can't read, he put a B+, now this was my turn. Politely I told, Sir I will be happy to a see a D, one big semi circle would be good than two small semi circles. For obvious reasons he marked an A and do you know second examiner write on the top in all CAPS EXCELLENT

My grade was still A, while non performer got A+, A++  but my A was wearing a crown EXCELLENT, A EXCELLENT.

Moral of the story is here, the teacher who hated me till date asked me to help him with his thesis. Definetly I agreed.

This is article is not for those who are in serious trouble and under fear or threat from a teacher. In such a case must seek professional help.

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