How to excel in school board examination in 60 days

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Just you got the magic bullet to hit that bulls eye. Wait, this is not a magic bullet but a simple strategy to memorize what you learnt in last one year before you write actual board examinations.

1. Stay organized: Definitely, you may have a time schedule. Over the years your body clock is programmed to work in certain way, do not change that routine. Stick to same routine as it was for a year. Though you can make small adjustments.

2. Do not stop play: Whether its computer game or workout, if you are regular, do not give away because exams are there. This is not for those addicted to mobile screens. if you are disciplined player / gamer those few minutes will energies you. When our body is refreshed brain fuctions smartly.

3. Eat Right: There is no exact definition of right versus wrong but anything loaded with to much energy will make your metabolism and brain functions slow. If you have habit of continuous eating one thing or other that is invitation for bad health. Good health is important to write examination papers.

4. Sleep Tight: A relaxed brain is compulsory aparatus to perform correctly. Over study is not goin to pay you dividends in terms of extra marks. Regular sleep is important to keep body and mind in shape.

5. Stay Hydrated: No need to drink many gallons of water but when you sit for study keep a water bottle handy. Do not gulp down but sip it up. Fresh water increases concentration also.

6. Do not get chained: While on study every now and then say in 30 minutes or so leave your seat for 2/3 minute and stretch or just do deep breaths or close your eyes and go thoughtless.

7. Revise from school notes: There is no better and speedy revision than school notes you have built over the years. No need to obtain new material, but revise from your own written pages. You will learn and remember better.

8. Revise regularly: Without revisions barin will forget many things. Make a revision schedule and follow.

9. Do not give away TV or newspaper: ofcourse there is limit; family drama is not aired for you. But if you watch something regularly or just wish to watch something new do it. Brain works best when you gives it variety. Can you eat 4 Pizzas everyday for every meal, same is true with human brain. Entertainment is necessary for mind.

10. Solve previous year question papers: Even if you have solved many past papers already, try it again. Solve sample papers, model test papers, mock test papers etc. Evaluate your performance; identify your weaker areas, and learn to improve.

11. Stay near a mentor: It could be your toddler brother or strictest teacher or parents; whoever you chose, stay in touch and share your thoughts. Of course small one won't help you in Geometry.

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