How to use gap dates between two exam papers

Posted by: Career Guide
Gaps between two exam papers are considered as a blessings. Long gaps often make students, parents and teachers smile. But most of the times gap dates either go unused or used in a completely wrong ways. Gap between two exam papers are considered as opportunity to prepare and do better.
I beg to differ, you cannot master a subject in a matter of few days, it takes whole lot of continuous efforts to get truly good hold on subject. Biology tells us brain is part of human body, same like our other body parts cannot master an skill in very limited time so as brain.
If you try feed much information to your brain it will stop working in similar fashion as if a computer is hanged due to many many many requests when send to its memory simultaneously.
Here are few things I would like suggest when you get two many gaps between exams:
1. Stay in Exam Mode: Well, so tomorrow or may be for next 10 days there is no exam for you. You planning to go out and have some fun. But hold a minute that's not a good idea. If you fell sick then what? Do not break your routine that you fixed for exam days. Plan wisely, going to a children park, watching nature or reading an story book is fine but spending extra hours in hot son may affect your health.
2. Do not study new topics: If there is a chapter which you have not covered in whole year, do not try to muzzle with it now in hope of getting more marks. This is a 'hit and trial' approach and may go wrong.
3. Revise and Relax: Depending on your preparation, revise the topics during gap days for set hours. No extra hours, your barin and body is habitaul to a routine. All of a sudden you cannot put extra burden to your brain. Its need training. Gap time is good opporyunity to revise syllabus. But in no way its time to seek more than you learn from over the years.
4. Diet and Living: Many students do mindless eating during gap days; excuse is good, it sounds nice to say, there is too much time left for the next exam paper. But in practice mindless eating habits will alter your routine and brain chemistry.
5. Take mock test: Internet is full of mock test papers, past year papers and sample papers. Also you can find such material in offline market places; take mock test, evaluate your performance and find the 'dark spots' subject areas where you need improvement, refer notes, text books or seek help from your teacher.
6. Go easy with conversation: Whole city is worried about your performance and if you are facing boards, perhaps many will block your ways and ask how much percentage you going to gain; best answer is to answer with a smile and simply tell, 'examiner knows the best answer, let's wait for results.
Another common question is, what you will do after board exam, what career you will chose, again answer with a smile and tell them to wait till you decide.

Unwanted conversation takes whole lot of energy for no reasons and it affect your performance.