Let's prevent us from COVID-19

Posted by: Career Guide
Covid-19 is a Coronavirus that may enter to humans through air (mouth, nose and eyes etc.) Recent deaths around the world are really really sadenning. Till now there are no vacaccines, which might be available in future. But till then how to prevent from Coroavirus infections? Here are some points I have summarized based on suggestions from medical doctors and according to the WHO.
1. Avoid public gatherings. But if you need to be part of it wear a mask, or simply cover your face with a handkerchief.
2. Do not eat without washing your hands. That's a compulsory execise for good hygiene.
3. While sneezing or coughing put towel/handkerchief/tissue paper on your face. If non available fold your hands and put your elbow on face. Do not put open palms. Do not sneeze or cough in open space.
4. After you reach office or back home must wash your hands and face properly before you touch anything.
5. If you or anyone around you complaints of very fever above 104 deg F or above or dry cough (NOT COMMON COLD), seek medical help.
6. Keep your surroundings clean.
7. Do not trust rumours.
8. Do not spread false news
Covid-19 can be prevented with precautions and promotions of good hygiene.

For more details see Coronavirus disease (COVID-2019)