Shall I take MBA loan or business loan

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Let me reverse answer;
Doing business is lucrative, you may become next business tycoon. Doing MBA is a great career choice, you may become GM or CEO of some top brand. At first glance both options are looking lucrative, question is which boat to sail? Business or MBA? Both need investment, so what will make better investment? This is a life decision, you cannot take a random decision.
Before you take a decision, give yourself 10 days time. You are the best person who know the best about you.
Pick piece of paper and pencil. List your priorities 'P', priorities of life.
Next write down 10 positives of doing MBA under category 'A' and 10 positives of not doing it under category 'B'.
Next write down 10 positives of doing Business under category 'C' and not doing under category 'D'.
Now analyze all the 40 possibilities and ask yourself, will this possibility fulfill to my life priorities.
For each yes give 1 mark. For each no give minus 1 mark.
Do the math, find the difference between A - B (say = X) and C-D ( say = Y)
Look what is greater X or Y.
Go for the one and stick to it.
But hold on for a minute, if still your innerself is not sure what to chose MBA loan or Business loan, then don't go for either. Instead look for something else that can fulfill your priorities 'P'
At first glance this exercise looks pretty easy and childish task. But I say with guranttee once you start listing after No. 3 or 4 you will struggle to find reasons. This exercise will take whole lot of you to determine those factors. Answer honestly and you will get the right answer.

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