What to do when campus is unsafe

Posted by: Career Guide
A campus is a place where we are safest, where there are many to protect us when help needed. Ragging is an offence by law. This was always an offence but become strict law when unfortunately some fistful people started taking advantage of it.
Who don't love his / her alma matter, this is the place we spend golden years of life, memories are unforgottable.
Sometime things are unavoidable. When all of a sudden your campus/your library/your hostel/your canteen become an unsafe zone then what to do. Big Question, I know I can't help sitting another side in front of screen. But few tips just because I am human
1. Arguments: Not required. When you are stuck and you know arguments may lead to trouble, first take yourself to safe zones. You are important. Arguments are worth heard.
2. Slip away: To slip away is not cowardly all the time. When there are 10 people who can harm you and you are also 10 or may be 20 but do not deny fact you are not habitual to fights, again I would say you are important. You can manage to punish the culprit later. Wrong doers are like mad dogs. Would you fight with a mad dog or first take you to safe zones then call some dog control squads?
3. Dont't respont to slurs: Do not give ears. Instead know the purpose behind it and take full control of situation before it happen again. Wrong doers use this cheap practice to provoke you.
4. Do not come out. When you are inside hostel room but hear some noise irrelevant, donot come immediately out, never alone, instead put of your lights, understand the situation and inform someone who can help.
5. Library: You busy in reading and unawanted happened. Again hide yourself first. I know its not easy but if you are lucky and can slip, why not, again I would say you are important. I understand you can't leave your friends in trouble. But if you also caught in trouble who will help them. Your safety is important. If you are alright then you can help friends perhaps in better way.
6. Mess facility: Hostel cook is a very good person, he loves to serve you. He respect you. But unfortunately now time is to taste food first then eat. Normally we have habits of start eating without looking. If your campus is unsafe for any reasons be watchful. Perhaps your attention can save many. I am sure you will ask now am I tester? Yes, be a good food tester. Your friends will love you.
7. Streets: When there is a suspicious call or someone following you, immediately change your path. If street is busy and you are in a nice city where humans lives then shout for help, else move to safe zone first.
8. Snaching: NEVER run behind a thief. Do not carry too much money or precious items with you.
9. Travel: Prefer public transport.
10. Shout Help: Seek help from someone who will really help you responsibly, no point counting on watchman uncle sleeping in Kumbhkaran mode.