When college entrance exams 2020 will be held

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The college admission seekers are in limbo owing to COVID-19 Pandemic. Many exams are canceled though some are still under schedule in books but look like a revised date is on the cards. I continuously track the latest revised entrance exam dates for you but each morning notifications mostly greets me with health bulletin.
Today every student have a common question in mind, when I will really get to appear in the entrance exam, by when results will come and when college session will begin.
There are no solid predictions. The right answer is as soon as we would be able to arrest the Coronavirus Pandemic.  As much you stay home, follow physical distancing, keep your hands clean and wear a mask when going out, as sooner new dates will be announced.
Arrest the pandemic first and the campus is waiting out there to welcome you.
As soon as new coronavirus cases stop and the curve flattens as fast the entrance exam administrators will release new guidelines, new dates.
However, if you ask me, I feel once curve flattens and we fully arrest COVID-19 Pandemic from that date two cycles of 14 days will be used for observation. And if everything goes well in those 2-cycles administrators will release new dates.
Perhaps academic sessions in India will begin a little late thisyear, maybe August but many entrance exams will take place in June / July. As exams are many so it will be a challenge for administrators to fix dates those not clash with other entrance exams.
These are my personal views and not endorsed by this website or my employer but I am following two things very closely, any development is sciences towards COVID-19 treatment and entrance examinations. For the latest updates about entrance exams, results and college admission follow notifications.
And for the right knowledge of COVID-19 go to WHO
Stay prepared, revise regularly, practice typical questions and when you are done read something extra that interests you. STAY SAFE