Why every senior high student must take SAT

Posted by: Career Guide
Students of sciences know how much measurement is essential in our daily lives. Without measurement man and nature both can't exists. Though ways of measurement could differ. I hope other syudents will also agree with me.
Our examination system largely measure success based on rote learning. Its surprising that even in subjects like Mathematics performance is marked if student is writing answers in similar manner as it was taught. Examiner looks for answer to grade and not the steps. Entrance examinations are also similar in nature. Your grade score in most of the entrance examination does not indicate your competence. Indeed based on rank seats are alloted in college programme. Often a student willing to pursue computer ends of joining mechanical or chemistry or may be some other way round.
College admission is not a projection of how well you will perform in academics and industry. I am surprised to see candidates taking a PhD in the hope if they will get job as college teacher, at the same time same student also appear for Clerical or some other exam.
Scenario is hugely confusing. There is no system in place to measure your future success.
In such a scenario you need something standard, something unique, something close to perfect that may find your abilities and determine how successful you could be in future.
SAT is one such examination that not measure your competance on the basis of rote learning or how much you remember from the previous class. Indeed this exam test your abilities based on 12 years of learning.
The examination measures what you have learnt from previous years and whether you would be able to complete college coursework.
The questions asked in exams like SAT count much on your ability to understand a problem and then offer solution based on 12 years of entire learning. Also SAT predicts how fairly you would perform in an academic setting where language of instruction is English.
To sum up SAT is an examination or measure of your college success. In my personal opinion every student leaving college must write SAT atleast once to know about how much he / she has learnet throughout 12 years of school education.

***Views are my personal and not associated with my employer or any academic body. You could differe though.